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Feb 18, 2019

Every Black History Month we celebrate our Black athletes, civil rights leaders and artists. But too often we overlook our legacy as Black entrepreneurs, business owners and executives, despite having just as deep a legacy in those areas.

Today, Alfred Edmond Jr. returns to Trailblazers.FM for his third feature and second of what we hope to be an annual episode of Alfred sharing stories of our Black business legends.

Alfred is the Senior Vice President and Executive Editor-at-Large of Black Enterprise.

Some time ago, Alfred brought it to my attention that there's often very little conversation about black legacy in business. That fueled my invitation to him to join me on episode 107 for our first Black business legends episode. That episode has gone on to become one of our most downloaded episodes ever on this podcast.

Here are a few of the people who’ve had an impact on the Black community and Black business, and in many cases changed American business in many ways:

  • Barry Gordie
  • Tom Burrell
  • Comer Cottrell
  • Cathy Hughes

My ask today is that you’d share this episode with your family, friends and others in the Black community. If you're posting to social, please use the hashtags #blackbusinesslegend and #missionfuel Let’s be reminded of those who paved a path for us. It’s on us to keep these business legends top of mind and ensure they are never forgotten.