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Nov 28, 2016


Today we welcome 2 time Grammy, Emmy and Dove award-winning producer Shannon Sanders. He's a talented producer, a profound songwriter and an amazing musician and knock-your-socks-right-on-off singer. He’s currently President of the Nashville Chapter of the Recording Academy.

Shannon's Episode Outline:

03:15 What are you most grateful in your life right now?
04:49 How did you get your start producing and writing music for others most notably John Legend, Heather Headley and your Grammy Award winning work with India Arie?
11:00 What have been one of those biggest lows for you, and what did you learn from it?
12:50 What's been your most satisfying moment in music?
14:35 What is your purpose or mission going forward? What motivates you today?
15:55 Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?
17:40 Is there wisdom you'd want to share on achieving long term success in business?
20:50 What's one book you've read that's inspired you?
21:42 What's something small you've done that you're proud of?
22:33 What's an app, software or tool you use and can't live without?
23:15 What's one action our future entrepreneurs should take this week to help them blaze their trail?