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Dec 5, 2016


Kevin Turpin II is the President of National Journal. Kevin is one of D.C.'s up and coming trailblazers that's helping lead one of Washington's most established and trusted media brands that serves government and business leaders in the nation's capital. In his various roles with National Journal, he's had exposure to product development, strategy research, digital and marketing.  In today's conversation, we unpack some of his tips and wisdom around hiring and leading people.  And we also discuss some of the most important things that go into doing product development.  It's a power packed episode, sure to provide you some inspiration and knowledge, that you'll be able to apply in your own career or business.

Kevin's Episode Outline:

02:45 What are you most grateful for in your life right now?
03:55 Kevin shares the story of how we won a car at a Georgetown basketball game in 2002
07:55 Discussion about Kevin being promoted twice in one year
10:05 What sacrifices have you had to make, especially as a young African American man, to propel you to become President of National Journal?
14:00 What have you learned about hiring and leading people and what's been your approach?
19:55 What have been some of your failures and what have you learned from them?
27:15 Shares advice for those looking to develop a new product
29:35 How do you plan to shift strategy to achieve your future goals and leave your mark on National Journal and the people you've been blessed to now impact?
34:40 Excluding National Journal, what companies or businesses do you admire the most and why?
45:30 One action that our trailblazers should commit to this week to help them blaze their trail