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Dec 19, 2016


Lucinda Cross is a Master Coach, best-selling author, award winning speaker, TV personality, spokesperson and energetic teacher of personal and professional development. Lucinda is the creator and founder of the popular brands Activate!™ and Activate Your Life Today!™ and is the President of Activate WorldWide Inc.  In today's episode we talk about creating and taking action on your vision and goals, using vision boards.

Lucinda's Episode Outline:

02:11 What are you most grateful for right now?
03:45 What will it take for us to be able to rebuild, restore and reinvent?
06:27 What is a vision board?
08:12 How will a vision board actually help us achieve our goals?
10:25 What do we need to begin creating a vision board?
14:21 What strategy did you implement this year that helped you achieve your biggest goals?
17:29 What will help us take action, despite that fear standing in our way?
20:29 What tips or wisdom will help us get out of planning mode when the vision board is done, to begin to Activate the results we so badly desire?
24:43 What's one book you've read that's inspired you most?
27:22 What's one action all aspiring trailblazers should commit to this week to help them blaze their trail?