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Jan 9, 2017

Cheree Warrick writes business plans and creates financial forecasts for companies seeking funding from banks and angel investors. Cheree’s goal is to help over one thousand companies receive over $1 Billion in financing. She has helped clients from various industries (including dog daycare, restaurant, driving school, and catering company) raise the capital they need for growth. She has also coached or written business plans for close to 100 entrepreneurs.

Cheree’s Episode Outline:

[03:45] What are you most grateful for right now?
[05:50] What ignited your passion for business and finance?
[08:30] What happened in that experience that made you realize there was something more to it?
[10:30] What makes your heart sing in this work that you’re doing?
[11:30] What are the parts of a solid business plan?
[16:30] What are some of the obvious pitfalls that cause business plans to miss their mark and not be funded?