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Feb 13, 2017

Devin Robinson (known to many as Professor Devin) talks with us today about the plight of black-owned businesses and shares why he believes that the knowledge and resources needed to succeed are different for black entrepreneurs than for others.  Devin is a business and economics professor and author of eight self-help books. 

Devin's Episode Outline:

02:16 What are you most grateful for right now?
03:32 What ignited the desire to become an entrepreneur?
08:00 Talk about Entrepreneurship being the 21st Century Civil Rights Movement
10:33 What is the biggest barrier to business ownership?
13:38 What were some challenges and failures along your path and what did you learn from them?
19:35 Devin shares the 4 steps that any aspiring entrepreneur should take to lay the right foundation for success
26:19 How do you go about finding the right people to bring into your organizations?
29:57 What's one thing you wish you'd known before starting your entrepreneurial journey?
34:25 Share one action our future trailblazers should commit to this week to help them blaze their trail?