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Feb 27, 2017

In today's special feature episode of the Trailblazers podcast, we engaged in a panel conversation with three Spelman College alumnae: Dr. Monica F. Cox, Dr. Carlotta Berry and Dr. Rochelle Williams. They discussed being among some of today's most accomplished hidden figures, how to build a supportive community for black women and ways to start being #VisibleFigures in STEM.

05:31 Provide an overview of the movie and share what Hidden Figures was about.
06:17 Which character did each of you identify with most from the movie?
09:30 You all attended Spelman College and had a love for engineering. Could you speak to that?
11:49 What stood out most for each of you in the movie?
17:18 What specific scenes resonated most?
22:39 Was there anything else that continues to talked over and non-STEM venues?
25:07 Do you black men also question your role as engineers?
34:23 How important is community for women who are the first and maybe the only in their professions?
35:46 What are the main takeaways from the movie, from a STEM perspective?
38:20 Are black women in STEM hidden?
44:30 Do you think that engineering is any more hidden than the other sectors of STEM?
49:00 How do black women in STEM become more visible?
50:57 What can we do to change the public image of STEM to increase the number of girls and young children of color who go on to pursue careers in STEM?
54:56 How do we educate the public on what you women have been contributing to STEM and why it's important to have that diverse perspective and experiences?
01:00:34 What's next for the world's hidden figures? How do we continue this conversation after this award season and movie have passed?
01:04:14 How can we build community around this initiative and ideas we've discussed?