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Oct 3, 2016

Tiffany F. Southerland is a lawyer by training and change agent at heart. She attained 3 degrees from 2 different Ivy League universities, before starting her career as an attorney at an AMLaw 100 law firm in Philadelphia. She transitioned from practicing law to a career in higher education as Associate Director of Admissions, Diversity and Inclusion at a law school and later returned to the law firm where her career began as Manager of Professional Recruitment.

Tiffany's Episode Outline:

02:50 What are you most grateful for in your life right now?
03:30 Did you envision becoming a lawyer, coach or speaker at an early age?
04:40 What is like being a black woman with multiple degrees from two different Ivy League schools?
07:00 How can young girls best position themselves to get accepted to an Ivy League university?
08:30 Why did you choose the educational path of studying Human Development and Social Work, before going to law school?
11:15 Did your educational path inspire the trifecta of writing, speaking and coaching?
12:20 Why did you decide to do a TEDx talk?
15:00 What was the reception to your TEDx talk?
16:15 What steps did you take and are still working on to continue to become a great public speaker?
18:00 How can someone wanting to do a TEDx go about securing that opportunity?
19:30 Do you have coaches and mentors who help guide you and hold you accountable to your own goals?
20:45 What's on your vision board for the next 10 years and beyond?
23:30 What's something small you've done this month that you're proud of?
25:00 Why is volunteering so important to you and giving back of your time, talents, and treasures?
26:15 Impart an inspiring parting message that will help our community to blaze their trail

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