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Sep 10, 2018

Our guest today is Janice Bryant-Howroyd. She is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, educator, ambassador, author, mentor and Presidential Special Appointee.

Janice is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The ActOne Group, a global leader providing customized cutting edge solutions in the human resources industry.

She's currently listed at #54 in the Forbes 2018 list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women. In 2014, she was recognized by Black Enterprise as the first black woman to own and operate a billion-dollar company.

In May of 2016 Janice received a key Presidential appointment by President Barack Obama as a member of the President’s Board of Advisors on Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Janice has traveled to over fifty countries promoting education and the powerful impact it has on communities around the world. Her accomplishments, both personal and professional, are inspired by her deep faith and her love for her family. She says, “One cannot effectively lead without passionately serving."

Janice is a truly remarkable woman who started from the ground up, and is constantly learning and adapting to the world around her. But doing so while remaining true to self.

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Thanks in advance for sharing this episode. It's my prayer this week that this episode gets the reach it needs to reach far and wide. This episode really has the ability to help so many women, black professionals and entrepreneurs on every level.