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Trailblazers.FM explores stories of today's successful black professionals. Get the know-how, confidence and resources you need to blaze your trail.

Dec 30, 2019

Do it before you’re ready!  The action to take is to take action!

Dec 23, 2019

Merry Christmas  Blazer Nation
Last week I shared an inspirational episode titled Acres of Diamonds, where I told you that you had all you needed and that somewhere within the work you are doing today,  lurked an opportunity which could bring you everything you could possibly want for yourself, your family and your...

Dec 16, 2019

Today, I’m going to share a story with you that was originally told by the founder of Temple University in Philadelphia, Dr. Russell Herman Conwell. He told this story more than 6,000 times all around the world.
This famous inspirational lecture, Acres of Diamonds, has inspired me in so many ways and I'd like to...

Dec 9, 2019

Your vision wants to come to fruition for you just as much as you want to see it for yourself. But a lot of people forget to do the work. You can't just slap a picture up on the board. That's nice, but what are you going to do to get there? What are the steps that you're going to take? And a lot of it has to do with...

Dec 2, 2019

Today, I lift my head and I see this seed that I planted over 200 weeks ago. And I didn’t just plant it and leave it. No, I  watered, nurtured and cared for this podcast (my baby) each and every week. Not a Monday morning at 5am went by that I didn’t have an episode going live for you in nearly 4 years. And today,...