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Oct 10, 2016

Ike's Episode Outline:

02:30 What's something you're most grateful for in your life right now?
03:33 What was the problem that you discovered that fueled your vision and allowed you to start UpStart?
05:00 Why focus UpStart on lawyers? Why that niche first?
06:38 Have you expanded to other professions? And what other professions have worked well for your model?
08:10 Why Ike at one point got rid of 20% of his clients
10:00 Where did capital come from to get the agency off the ground?
11:00 What kind of creative strategies do you recall having done in the early stages of your business that worked for you?
14:11 What have been some of your failures and how have you learned from them? [**Dont Miss This**]
14:51 What have been some #EpicLessons?
17:34 What does your business focus on beyond Pay Per Click & Google based ads?
18:34 How long have you been running UpStart?
18:45 What's 3 pieces of advice you'd want to give a college student who aspires to be an entrepreneur?
21:13 Is there a pattern or formula to being successful as an entrepreneur?
21:30 How do you define success?
22:28 How do you go about finding employees that care about your company the way you do?
25:00 How has being a business owner affected your family life?
26:30 Ike explains why we must become business owners and not business operators
28:00 What are some books you've read that have inspired you most?
29:30 What's something small you've done this month that you're proud of?
29:58 Tell us an app, software or tool you use everyday that you can't live without?
31:40 Ike shares one action that aspiring trailblazers should commit to this week to help you blaze your trail?

Ike Anderson's Full Bio

Ike Anderson has been a “serial entrepreneur” since age nine, when he enlisted the ‘power of duplication’ with several other boys, creating a direct sales candy company that grew into an international business with an evolutionary distribution model, before he was 15. In the same spirit, he is now the CEO and founder of UpStart Internet™, a niche Internet Marketing and Digital Advertising Agency that serves clients in creating their vision with laser-focused accuracy by maximizing online user experience and strategy. He oversees the day-to-day operations and manages the agency's Search Engine Optimization architecture, and a top-notch team of creative, and analytical staff.

Ike’s lifelong commitment to developing transparent and focused professional relationships has allowed business to grow, almost exclusively, by word of mouth and has supported the acquisition of six other companies to ensure the best of all services to his clients. Coupled with knowledge, intuition, and skill, Upstart Internet, under Anderson’s leadership, fulfills the demands of an ever-evolving global marketplace and Internet with an inspired vision for success, further expansion and a meticulous plan for its fulfillment. With a vision of collaboration and huge belief that “we are always better together” infused in everything he does, Ike and his team are making global impact for their clients and the not-for-profit corporations he mentors.

His involvement with Martial Arts since the age of six and being part of a tight-knit family, taught him discipline, how to work through adversity with respect, and how to create win-win opportunities for all involved; all translating into enormous results. He continues to be involved in his local community, is a champion for the highest and best outcomes, and looks forward to entering the political arena to champion causes that will move humanity forward. He has provided keynote address and public speaking in a variety of venues that are a call to action.